Travel without luggage and arrive stress-free with ShipGo's luggage shipping services

With rising baggage fees across all airlines, the newest travel trend is cutting down on baggage. But, what if you could avoid traveling with luggage altogether? Your next vacation can be just that easy when you ship your luggage and sporting equipment ahead of your arrival.

Ship Ahead & Travel Without Luggage

No matter where your vacation takes you, you deserve to pack everything you may want. And when you ship your luggage ahead, you don’t have to worry about packing light to avoid airline baggage fees. In fact, you can travel without luggage entirely.

ShipGo makes it easy to travel without luggage by offering premier luggage shipping to 180 countries across the globe. When you travel without luggage and opt to ship ahead, you won’t have to worry about lost, stolen, or damaged baggage due to mishandling by the airlines. ShipGo offers complimentary insurance on every shipment along with an on-time delivery guarantee.

For adventurous travelers looking to bring sporting equipment on their trip, ShipGo can also ship golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and bikes. With so many shippable items, ShipGo makes it easier than ever to travel without luggage.

ShipGo also provides travelers with a unique tracking ID for each bag sent so you can track your luggage or sporting equipment every step of the way. ShipGo will even collect your luggage before your flight so you can travel without luggage. Whether it’s from your doorstep, business, resort, or hotel, ShipGo will pick up all of your baggage so you don’t have to lift a finger. 

When you travel without luggage, you’re also setting yourself up for a safer travel experience. With no need to check or claim baggage, you’ll be able to avoid long lines and large crowds at the airport.

Learn more about shipping luggage and sporting equipment ahead or get a free quote and travel without luggage on every vacation.