The ultimate luggage pickup service in New York City is ShipGo

New York City is an incredible destination. But dragging luggage through ‘the Big Apple’ on the way to your destination? Not so exciting. With ShipGo’s luggage pick up services in NYC, you can send your luggage straight to your destination and never lift a finger.

Luggage Pick Up in NYC Service for Every Trip

Because lugging baggage to or from NYC is never easy, ShipGo provides the ultimate solution. ShipGo offers premier luggage shipping to all 50 states and 180 countries across the globe for a stress-free journey no matter where your travels take you.

Carrying, checking, and claiming baggage is just one more obstacle between you and NYC. That’s why ShipGo allows you and your family to travel with the comfort of knowing your luggage is already at your destination. The service also tailors to the needs of those looking to bring sporting equipment on their vacation with golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and bikes all offered as shippable items. 

Customers can have their luggage and sporting equipment picked up directly from their home, office, resort, or hotel with ShipGo’s premier luggage pick up service. After pick up, customers will receive an email confirming the collection with access to tracking information at any time. 

Travel to or from NYC with peace of mind thanks to ShipGo’s complimentary insurance and on-time delivery guarantee, ensuring your luggage arrives safely and on-time.

In addition to all the benefits of ShipGo’s luggage pick up service, you can also enjoy affordable rates. At rates up to 60% cheaper than major shipping providers and other competitors, ShipGo offers prices as low as $34.99. 

Whether you’re traveling to or from NYC with friends, the family, alone, or on business, ShipGo is a must-have service. Get a free quote or learn more about ShipGo’s luggage pick up service today.