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As one of the major golf hubs, Arizona serves as a popular golf destination for many golfers. It’s one of the states where it doesn’t rain often (if at all) which makes golf playable year-round. When playing in Arizona, you’ll want to use ShipGo to have your clubs delivered. With our network of golf partners, we’ll make sure they arrive at the course, on-time.

The golden state has much to offer in terms of vacation options. Whether you are thinking about going to Northern or Southern California, there’s plenty of golf options to choose from. Getting your clubs there is a different story. You’ll want to make sure they are fully protected on their journey. Make it easy on yourself and ship with ShipGo. All of our shipments are fully covered, giving you the peace of mind that your clubs will arrive undamaged.

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    Real-Time Tracking

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The Best Way to Ship Luggage

Skip the airport hassle and breeze through bag-check and baggage claim. Ship your luggage ahead and travel stress-free. With our on-time guarantee and complementary value protection, your luggage will be safe and waiting for you at your destination.

1. Book & Get Label1. Book & Get Label

Shipping luggage is a breeze. Schedule your shipment dates online and you’ll receive the shipping labels for the trip.

2. Attach & Ship Luggage2. Attach & Ship Luggage

Pack and securely attach the shipping labels to your luggage. We’ll pick up from your location or you can drop them off

3. Travel With Ease3. Travel With Ease

Skip through the airport and save time without carrying any luggage, knowing your bags have been taken care of.

4. Relax4. Relax

Enjoy your trip and arrive stress-free. Your luggage has been shipped and delivered at your final destination.

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