Avoid airport hassles and baggage fees

Ship your luggage and arrive stress-free

Spend less time and money at the airport when you ship your baggage and sporting equipment to your final destination. ShipGo provides doorstep pickups and guaranteed on-time deliveries. Because we understand how important your luggage is to you, we also include complimentary insurance and access to real-time tracking on every shipment.

Travel bag-free

Ship with the experts

Shipping luggage is more affordable than ever, especially when compared to Allegiant baggage fees. With ShipGo, you can arrive in style to your destination knowing that your luggage is waiting for you. Putting your luggage at risk of damage or complete loss and paying a fortune to do so is a thing of the past. Choose ShipGo for your next vacation and you’ll never go back.

Baggage Cost* Weight Dimensions (L+W+H)
1st checked bag $30 50 lbs 62"
2nd checked bag $40 50 lbs 62"
3rd checked bag $150 50 lbs 62"
4th checked bag $200 50 lbs 62"
Oversized bag $200 50 lbs 63" - 80"
Overweight bag $100 51 - 99 lbs 62"
Overweight bag $150 100 lbs 62"

Allegiant Baggage Fees

Get more bang for your buck

Allegiant Carry-On Baggage Fees

All passengers are permitted to bring one personal item, free of any additional charge. Carry-on bag prices will vary depending on the selected route, but prices can reach as high as $75.

Allegiant Checked Baggage Fees

Checked baggage must remain under 40 lbs. and may not exceed 80 linear inches. Depending upon when you add a checked bag to your trip, prices will range from $22-$50.

Allegiant Excess Baggage Fees

No more than 4 checked bags are allowed per person. Each bag added will be an additional $22-$50.

Allegiant Overweight & Oversized Baggage Fees

Baggage that exceeds 40 lbs or 80 linear inches will be considered overweight or oversized. $50-$75 will be charged in addition to standard checked baggage fees for all items that exceed these parameters.

Shipping Luggage

There is no better substitute to paying baggage fees than shipping your luggage ahead of your arrival, with ShipGo. With an on-time guarantee, complimentary insurance, and access to real-time tracking 24/7, there’s no question that shipping your luggage is the solution to all of the typical airport inconveniences. Learn more about our affordable pricing and how our service works.