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Dragging your items through the airport after paying absurd baggage fees, only to find that the overhead bins are already full, will ruin your trip before it’s even begun. But at ShipGo, we think you should enjoy the journey to your next vacation. Our affordable and seamless luggage shipping takes the hassle out of airport travel.

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American Airlines baggage fees, included below, are substantial fees for a service in which you’re responsible for all of the heavy work. When you choose to ship your luggage instead, ShipGo will provide doorstep pickups along with an on-time guarantee, complimentary insurance, and access to tracking updates at any time.

Baggage Cost* Weight Dimensions (L+W+H)
1st checked bag $30 50 lbs 62"
2nd checked bag $40 50 lbs 62"
3rd checked bag $150 50 lbs 62"
4th checked bag $200 50 lbs 62"
Oversized bag $200 50 lbs 63" - 80"
Overweight bag $100 51 - 99 lbs 62"
Overweight bag $150 100 lbs 62"

American Airlines Baggage Fees

Travel bag-free and arrive stress-free

American Airlines Checked & Excess Baggage Fees

American Airlines requires that checked baggage not exceed 62” or 50 lbs. Costs for checked baggage will range anywhere from $30-$75 depending on your specific destination. Planning to travel with more than one bag? Be prepared to spend $40-$200 to accommodate all of your belongings and excess baggage.

American Airlines Overweight & Oversized Baggage Fees

American will not accept baggage over 126 linear inches or 100 lbs. While fees for oversized and overweight baggage vary depending on the destination, most range from $100-$200 per bag.

Shipping Luggage

There is no better substitute to paying baggage fees than shipping your luggage ahead of your arrival, with ShipGo. With an on-time guarantee, complimentary insurance, and access to real-time tracking 24/7, there’s no question that shipping your luggage is the solution to all of the typical airport inconveniences. Learn more about our affordable pricing and how our service works.