Why Use ShipGo to Ship your Trunks?

Trunk shipping made easy

You pack. We handle everything else.

Trunk shipping made easy

Taking a cruise? Traveling abroad? Making a big move? No matter the occasion, ShipGo’s premier trunk shipping is the safest and most convenient way to transport your belongings to your next destination.

  • International: We service 180 countries and territories.
  • Time-Saver: Breeze past bag-check and baggage claim.
  • Convenient: We’ll pick up your trunks from your doorstep.

Simple & affordable shipping

Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Simple & affordable trunk shipping

Why carry, check, and claim your trunk at the airport when you can ship it ahead? Breeze past long lines at bag check and baggage claim and travel stress-free. Your trunk will be waiting for you at your destination.

  • Insured: $500 of complimentary coverage.
  • White-Glove Service: Personal customer service seven days a week.
  • Tracked: Access to real-time tracking 24/7.

A better way to ship your Trunks

ShipGo Everyone Else
White-Glove Customer Service check Exceptional customer service 7 days a week. na Deal with long hold times and lengthy calls.
Peace of Mind check Complimentary insurance on every shipment. na Pay additional fees for coverage.
On-Time Guarantee check Guaranteed on-time delivery. na Pay additional fees for upgrades.
Convenience check Door-to-door delivery. Travel light and avoid lines. na Waste time at baggage claim.
Safer to Use check No-contact pickups and deliveries. na Wait in long lines and crowds at the airport.

Trunk Sizes


50 lbs

Max weight

62 in (L+W+H)

Max dimension (26 + 16 + 20)


65 lbs

Max weight

75 in (L+W+H)

Max dimension (41 + 11 + 22)

How ShipGo Works

Skip the airport hassle and breeze through bag-check and baggage claim.

1. Book

1. Book

Book your shipment online or over the phone. Print your shipping label and attach it to your luggage.

2. Ship

2. Ship

We'll pick up your luggage from your home, office, or hotel or you can drop it off at a location near you.

3. Travel

3. Travel

Breeze through the airport with just a plane ticket in hand without checking or claiming baggage.

4. Relax

4. Relax

Enjoy the journey to your destination and arrive stress-free. Your luggage will be waiting for you at your destination.

Airline Baggage Fees for Trunks

Airline travel isn’t getting any cheaper. Avoid the added fees and hassles of dragging your trunks to and from the airport when you ship them ahead! Never worry about your trunks arriving damaged or not arriving at all.

Baggage Cost Max Weight Max Dimensions (L+W+H)
1st checked bag $30 50 lbs 62"
2nd checked bag $40 50 lbs 62"
3rd checked bag $150 50 lbs 62"
4th checked bag $200 50 lbs 62"
Oversized bag $200 50 lbs 63" - 80"
Overweight bag $100 51 - 99 lbs 62"
Overweight bag $150 100 lbs 62"

FAQs about shipping trunks

How much does it cost to ship trunks with FedEx?

The cost to ship trunks with FedEx will vary depending on the size and weight of your trunk along with where you’re shipping to and from. FedEx rates are typically 60% more expensive than ShipGo.

Can I ship trunks overseas?

Yes! ShipGo services 180 different countries so you can ship your trunk to almost any destination worldwide.

How do I ship a trunk?

ShipGo will pick up your trunk directly from your home, business, resort, or hotel. All you have to do is pack your trunk, attach your provided shipping label, and ShipGo will ship your trunk so you can enjoy the journey to your destination.

What is the cheapest way to ship a trunk?

ShipGo is the cheapest way to ship a trunk with rates starting as low as $64.99.

Get started today, make your trip with ShipGo easier than it’s ever been!

Customer Service

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