Need Boxes?

Shipping kit: 5 heavy-duty boxes

Heavy-duty double wall boxes for double the protection and stacking strength.

Delivery: 3-5 business days

  • 3x medium boxes: 18L x 18W x 18D (in.)
  • 2x large boxes: 24L x 18W x 18D (in.)
  • 25 sheets of packing paper
  • 1 roll of 3M packing tape

FREE* (just pay shipping and handling)

*Only available in the United States

Click here to contact us for international inquiries.

If you are an Altair customer, please click here to purchase your supplies

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Ship your luggage, boxes & trunks, golf clubs, skis and more.

Just pack as you normally would for airline travel, and we handle the rest while you enjoy the hassle-free journey to anywhere in the world.

Ship your luggage

Travel without the hassle by shipping your luggage ahead. At ShipGo, we make it easy to ship your luggage for your upcoming trip. Our white glove service ensures your luggage is picked up and delivered on time. You don't have to deal with checking-in your luggage at the airport counter or waiting for them at baggage claim. Save time and focus on what matters, like enjoying your trip.

Ship luggage

Ship your boxes & trunks

Moving to a college dorm or student housing is a chore. Personal stuff and school supplies take up a lot space and makes it difficult to travel with them. Shipping ahead to school is the convenient way to travel when moving to a new state or location. Don’t worry about having to figure out how to carry these through the airport.

Ship boxes & trunks

Ship your golf clubs

Golf is a passion and there's no better way to enjoy it then traveling to new courses. Whether you're flying solo or taking a buddy's trip, traveling with golf clubs isn't easy. ShipGo takes the burden of traveling with your clubs, so you can have a relaxing trip. We know how important your clubs are, that's why handle every shipment with care.

Ship golf clubs

Ship your skis & snowboards

Avid skiers and snowboarders love shredding on fresh powder and taking in the scenic views. What they don't love is taking their skis, snowboard, and other winter gear with them. Not only is it difficult to take, but it takes up cargo room in a vehicle. Leave the frustration behind when using ShipGo. We'll do the heavy lifting and deliver your gear to the resort or lodge you're staying at.

Ship skis

Travel like a pro and ship your luggage or sports equipment ahead and
with confidence.

Ship your luggage