Last minute summer vacation ideas to visit

With summer drawing to a close, many families are putting their vacation plans on the back burner until next summer. But, why wait?

Enjoy one more last-minute summer vacation with the kiddos, your special someone, or just travel solo! We’ve rounded up the top spots to explore before the start of fall. 

Summer Vacation Inspiration

1. Need to relax? Head to the beach.

Relaxing summer vacation destination locations in the United States

If you didn’t get your beach vacation this summer or if you’re simply desperate for another one, there’s arguably no better time of year to enjoy a beach retreat.

With the majority of tourists having returned back to their hometowns, beaches are significantly less crowded. But fewer crowds certainly don’t mean any less sunshine. Aside from the warm weather, you can also expect more affordable accommodations as hotels and resorts transition into the off-season. 

Recommended destinations:

  • Naples, Florida
  • Huntington Beach, South Carolina
  • Jekyll Island, Georgia

2. Need to stay active? Try a new activity.

The best active summer getaway locations to visit

As the leaves begin to change color, there are so many unique ways to observe nature’s transition into autumn.

Whether it’s ziplining through the Green Mountains of Vermont or playing golf on one of the year’s last warm, sunny days, every destination offers a new activity to try. 

Recommended destinations: 

  • Telluride, Colorado
  • Bar Harbor, Maine
  • Stowe, Vermont

3. Need some peace & quiet? Head west.

Quiet and peaceful summer vacation locations

With the chaos of getting the kids back to school, there’s no better time to enjoy a relaxing, last-minute summer vacation in the natural seclusion of the desert.

Enjoy some of our nation’s most unique nature with an immersive desert experience. Hotels and resorts throughout the desert boast all the modern amenities of those in a big city, too, with pools, spas, and more. 

Recommended destinations: 

  • Sedona, Arizona
  • Death Valley, California
  • Carefree, Arizona

4. Need to reconnect? Travel with your special someone.

The top couples destination locations to visit in the summer

There’s nothing quite like reconnecting with your partner. And with many destinations offering discounted rates as summer comes to a close, the time to travel is now!

Whether you’ve been together for decades or just a few months, a last-minute summer vacation with your special someone is the best way to soak up one last dose of sunshine. 

Recommended destinations: 

  • Maui, Hawaii
  • New York, New York 
  • San Francisco, California

5. Need something for the kids? Give them endless entertainment.

Best summer vacation locations to entertain kids

Make summer last a little longer for your little ones with a last-minute vacation. Theme parks across the country are less crowded now that the summer tourists have dispersed, making it the perfect time to explore some of the nation’s best parks.

Recommended destinations:

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Anaheim, California

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