Why flying makes you tired

From searching for your gate to dragging your baggage to, from, and through the airport, there are a few obvious reasons why flying makes you tired. And while the pain of lugging your heavy bags is entirely avoidable thanks to ShipGo, there are a few other reasons why you may be constantly yawning after landing at your destination. Luckily, some of those reasons are avoidable, too. Keep reading to learn why flying makes you tired.

Why Does Flying Make Me Tired?

Air Pressure

No matter how long you’ve been flying or how many flights you’ve been on, your body will never get used to the changing air pressure. Air is actually less oxygen-dense at higher altitudes. Meaning the higher you go, the less oxygen will be available to you. While you may not consciously notice any trouble breathing, you are likely to feel drained and tired once you land at your destination.


We know there’s nothing worse than going to the bathroom on a plane…especially multiple times. However, it’s crucial to stay hydrated while flying. Airplane cabins have lower humidity levels which can leave you feeling parched. And dealing with a dry throat or nose can certainly be exhausting.


After eating a large meal, nothing sounds better than a nap. And because the air pressure levels while flying can fluctuate the gas inside your stomach, you can feel a similar “full” feeling without even feasting. To limit just how tired you get, try to avoid any overly-greasy foods before boarding your flight.


Months of planning, weeks of worrying about your itinerary, hours of dealing with airport headaches – it goes without saying the biggest cause for drowsiness after flying is simply overall stress. The best way to avoid becoming overly anxious is to manage your stress. If you’re afraid of missing your flight, arrive at the airport early. If you’re worried about lost or damaged luggage, just ship it to your destination ahead of your arrival.

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