Worst drinks to order when you fly

Spending four to five hours in the air can certainly leave you feeling a little parched! And because it’s going to be a while before you’re back on land, we understand why you might need a little sip of something while flying. But, just because your flight may offer coffee and juices doesn’t mean that’s what you should order. Stay hydrated and, more importantly, stay happy by avoiding these worst drinks to order when you fly.

5 of the Worst Drinks to Order When You Fly


One of the worst drinks to order when you fly is coffee. Like many other airline beverages, the first ingredient in coffee is water. However, the water that’s in airplane coffee is not clean, filtered, bottled water. It comes from the plane’s water tank that rarely gets cleaned. Aside from sanitary concerns, coffee can also give you bad breath and even the runs!


Another one of the worst drinks to order when you fly may seem like the healthier choice, but there are deeper reasons why you should never order tea on a flight. Just like coffee, you are technically drinking water from a filthy water tank that never gets cleaned, so don’t be surprised if your stomach starts hurting for reasons other than indigestion.

Tap Water

Worst drinks to order when you fly

After reading about the previous two worst drinks to order when you fly, it’s self-explanatory why you should not order tap water on your flight. If you simply prefer to drink water, just be sure to order bottled water and bottled water only.


Flying 5,000 ft above ground can have a few different effects on soda. To start, soft drinks tend to foam up more when being poured into plastic cups because of the elevation. So, it can take a lot longer to receive your drink versus other beverages. Additionally, carbonated drinks of any kind can contribute to bloating and nausea while flying because of the barometric pressure.

Alcoholic Drinks

Because of the high altitude when flying, the effects of alcohol are accelerated. So, while two drinks on the ground may have little to no influence on you, two drinks while flying can feel very different.

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