etiquette for flying with kids

Whether it’s a screaming baby in the seat next to you or a rambunctious child kicking the back of your seat, we’ve almost all experienced flying with kids – even if they’re not your own. We also all understand how difficult it can be as parents to ensure your child behaves for the entire flight. So, to help with your next family vacation, we’ve spelled out the travel etiquette for flying with kids.

This is the Etiquette for Flying with Kids

Respect Other Passengers

Respecting other passengers is arguably the single most important aspect of travel etiquette for flying with kids. This includes not kicking the seat in front of you, not screaming and crying, using an “inside voice,” and avoiding speaking loudly about embarrassing topics because all passengers are within earshot! If your child does act out while on the plane, a considerate thing to do is simply apologize to the passengers in your vicinity.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Children are no exception to in-flight rules. This includes remaining in their seat with their seatbelt buckled when they’re instructed to do so. We know this can be difficult with restless, younger children. But, failure to follow instructions of this kind could not only put your fellow passengers in danger, but could also result in disciplinary action from the airline if it’s a recurring problem.

Do Not Press Buttons

Advise your child not to mess with any buttons or controls on or above your seats – especially the flight attendant call button. Flight attendants have many passengers to attend to, and keeping your child in check can go a long way in making their lives easier!

Clean Up After Yourself

Kids can be messy. We get it! But, you shouldn’t force other people to clean up messes you or your child have made. Flight attendants regularly patrol the aircraft with trash bags in hand. Take advantage of these opportunities to throw out candy wrappers, empty drink bottles, etc. Cleaning up after yourself throughout the flight will make it easier when it comes time to get off the plane. And, it’ll also ensure you’re not forcing the flight attendants to take care of your mess.